How to enter the e-limination match: Once you have registered an account at and joined the USA Shooting Club, click on the ‘Enter more competitions button’ in your dashboard, select ‘USA Shooting Club’ – click continue, select ‘USAS Prone e-limination match – qualification round’ – click continue, confirm entry in to the competition. That’s it, you’re all setup, look out for your competition card numbers that will appear in your competition dashboard when you have been approved for entry in to ‘USAS Prone e-limination match – Round one’

All matches can be shot at your local range and scores uploaded via your myELEY personal dashboard. – See the how to guide here.

USAS E-limination Prone Match

ELEY in conjunction with USAS will be hosting a postal 60 shot prone match through the myELEY platform. To join this match you must register on the site and join the USA Shooting club.

All registrants will shoot one 60 shot prone match on either the ISSF 50m international smallbore rifle target to be shot at 50 meters or the NRA USA-50 target to be shot at 50ft. A picture of the targets and your score must be uploaded by the deadline of each round to be able to move on to the next round. There is no entry fee for this match. Each competitor will get at least 2 matches through the format of the competition. All USA Shooting rules apply for the prone event. You will have 20 minutes per 20 shots to complete this match (total shooting time: 60 minutes). All targets must be shot in consecutive order. You may go back to sighting shots only after a target change in this competition. You may shoot on paper targets or electronic targets. You, a coach, a teammate or a parent will need to score your targets and post the picture on of all targets.

Round 1: Qualification match to get into the bracket and paired in the bracket. The top score will be paired with the low score and will continue on through the bracket in this manner (much like rankings in the NCAA Basketball tournament). The number of people that make it into the bracket will depend on the number of entries, the bracket will then be either a 32 person or 64 person bracket. Those that do not make the bracket will shoot another match against one another and the high score wins the consolation.

Bracketed Rounds: Competitors that make it into the bracket will be announced via a USA Shooting Facebook live event. You will have 5 days to complete one 60 shot prone match per round. You will shoot against one other person, whomever has the highest score will win the match and move on to the next round. Once you lose you are out of the competition. Scores will be posted on both ELEYUSA Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as USA Shooting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Reminder emails will be sent per round. The bracket will continue until there is one winner. Be sure to fire all shots and post your scores by the due date as this is the only way it makes for a fun match.

Tie Breaker: Ties will be broken by x count, then by the highest score starting from the last target shot, then the highest number of 10s, then highest number of 9, and so forth. If a tie is unable to be broken in this manner both competitors will move on to the next round and shoot in a competition against 3 people.

Social media around this event is encouraged and be sure to tag @eleyusa and @usashooting and #myeley for all social media posts.